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If PKZIP is installed on your computer,follow these directions:
1) Double-click on the filename or icon for the zipped document.
2) PKZIP will open automatically and give you a list of all of the individual files in that document. Choose Unzip from thePKZIP menu at the top of the screen.
Extract Files
3) ChooseExtract files from the Unzip menu.
4) Where it saysExtract to ,type in the name of the directory where you want to put all of these files. For example: c:\screen\destiny. (Hey! even if you don't have a special directory already set up,you can type it in here and PKZIP will automatically create the directory and put the files there.)
Extract To
5) PKZIP will unzip all of the files and place them in the directory you specified. Now you need to exit PKZIP. (Hey! Just because you've unzipped a program,doesn't mean it's ready to use. You will probably have to go to the directory where you put the program and install it. Just double-click on the Install icon and follow the instructions on your screen.)

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