FAQ - WinZip

If WinZip is installed on your computer,follow these steps:
1) Double-click on the file you want to unzip (Hey! the filename will end with the letters .zip). This may be an icon (a little picture) or a filename.
2) WinZip will automatically open and you will see a list of all of the separate files in your .zip file. Click on the Extract button at the top of your WinZip window.
3) A window will open up asking where you want to install the screensaver. You can click on OK here,or type in the path of the directory where you want to install the program. When you're done,click on Okay.
4) The files will be unzipped and put in the directory you selected. (Hey! Just because you've unzipped a program,doesn't mean it's ready to use. You will probably have to go to the directory where you put the program and install it. Just double-click on the Install icon and follow the instructions on your screen.)

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