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Space Fantasies Screensaver

Category: Space Screensavers
Name: Space Fantasies Screensaver
Description: Space, what is it? Just a dark abyss or something beautiful?. We do not know how big the universe, and from what we know, our planet seem so small in this infinity. At night, staring at the starry sky, we ask ourselves, what's beyond our earth? Everyone in this world is entitled to a miracle, and everyone wanted to know what it looks like the entire universe. All of its beauty and all its splendor. In recent years, due to space telescopes could see the pristine beauty of unseen hitherto space objects, stars, nebulae, distant galaxies. Nebula - the mysterious cosmic objects in the depths of the cosmos, from ancient times attracted the attention of astronomers. In the ancient Greek scientist Hipparchus catalog have been a few obscure objects in the sky. Fascinating view of the galaxy - large systems consisting of stars, interstellar gas, dust and dark matter. Stars - giant and dwarf, quasars, and blue giants. How many of these names of surprising beauty and mysteries of the universe.
Author: mega-screens
Author's page: Space Fantasies Screensaver->Home
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