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Especially for you we have compiled the most beautiful and interesting wallpapers for your desktop.

Change your desktop wallpaper is the simplest way to give your desktop some personality.

How to set up the desktop wallpaper (Windows)

Simple method

1.Click the "Open Image" button to display the selected image, right-click on the displayed image, and select "Select as Desktop Background" to apply the new picture to your desktop. This may cause your previously set desktop background to be overwritten. This completes the setup process.

Setting from the Control Panel

1. Click the "Open Image" button to display the selected image, right-click on the displayed image, and select "Save Picture As." Specify Desktop as the "Save in" location, and click the "Save" button.

2. Click Start > Control Panel and double-click Display to open the Display Properties window.

3. Click on the Desktop tab at the top of the Display Properties window and click the "Browse" button located in the bottom-right corner of the window.

4. When the "Browse" window opens, select TQHotels_xxxx.jpg, which was saved earlier to your desktop, and click the "Open" button.

5. Check to make sure that the selected wallpaper image is shown in the preview pane. Specify the method of display using the Position pull-down menu and click the "OK" button to apply the new picture to your desktop. This completes the setup process.


Desktop Wallpapers Collection

Desktop Wallpapers Collection

Decorate your desktop with these amazing wallpapers! Choose from tons of breathtaking photo images! Let your desktop become a window out to a world of new scenery. It is free and easy: just click the download button below. No purchase or registration required.

Downloads: 9033 Preview Desktop Wallpapers Collection

Caravaggio Wallpaper Art

MoodBook Development
Caravaggio Wallpaper Art

Caravaggio art on your desktop and in your mind! A wallpaper art collection.

Downloads: 319

Izbushka Wallpaper Organizer

Izbushka Wallpaper Organizer

I have created two beautiful wallpapers for my office desktop. One is a photo of my beloved wife that was made about ten years ago when we travelled across Europe. The other is a photo of our daughter. She smiles at me. Both photographs boost my morale, helping me to do my daily work. However, as you might guess, I always have to make a hard decision: which one should I put on the desktop today? Recently I came across a program called "Izbushka". While the name of this software is rather strange, it finally solved my problem. The program sits in the system tray and controls the wallpapers on your desktop. It allows you to manage your collection of desktop wallpapers and change them via a schedule. Simple enough and it works! Being able to put my wife and daughter on schedule, I started to download more wallpapers from the Internet. I have since decorated my desktop with shady forests, ocean sunsets, movie stars and even with masterpieces by Da Vinci, Rembrandt and others. Soon, I had an impressive collection. And this is exactly where Izbushka has helped me yet again. I found it's not just a wallpaper changer but a feature-rich collection manager too. Izbushka allows you to organize your collection by categories. No need to convert images to match your desktop dimensions. The program fits each image automatically using very smooth resizing algorithms. Adding new wallpapers is very simple. Just drag an image with your mouse and drop it into Izbushka. Sometimes I download new wallpapers when browsing the Internet. And I found an interesting feature of Izbushka. The program can constantly monitor specific folders for new images. It will use new images as soon as you save them there. No need to do anything else. Just save an image and Izbushka will use it. Remember that desktop wallpapers are not just for fun! It is an important attribute of your workplace. Let them boost your competitive spirit to its maximum! The program sits in the system tray and changes wallpapers on your desktop.

Downloads: 873

Salvador Dali Art

Argentum Corporation
Salvador Dali Art

Bring Salvador Dali paintings to your desktop! Explore the world of surreal with Salvador Dali. Realm of dreams, landscapes, power, and meditation. Unexpected forms beyond the ordinary... Dalis surrealistic paintings depict dream imagery and everyday objects in unexpected forms, characterized by meticulous draftsmanship and realistic detail, with brilliant colors heightened by transparent glazes. Dalis striking images, such as the melting clock and the burning giraffe, have become icons of Western culture. The full version of this pack includes 275 high-quality images for your desktop. A free wallpaper utility, MoodBook, will draw pictures from this pack on your desktop, creating a nice look and feel of an original art gallery full of great works of art... The Bleeding Roses, Vertigo, Agnostic Symbol, The Picnic, Young Girls, The Mysterious Sources of Harmony, The Endless Enigma, Moment of Transition, and many more, to excite, inspire and educate...

Downloads: 7760

Vincent van Gogh Art

Argentum Corporation
Vincent van Gogh Art

Bring Vincent van Gogh art to your desktop! Vincent van Gogh is the greatest painter of the Post-Impressionism era. His paintings are among the most expensive paintings in the world. The striking, bold, intense colors, the emphatic brushwork, and contoured forms of his work are highly expressive, even emotional. The full version of this pack includes 95 high-quality images for your desktop. A free wallpaper utility, MoodBook, will draw pictures from this pack on your desktop, creating a nice look and feel of an original art gallery full of great works of art... Beach in Stormy Weather, Village at Sunset, Autumn Landscape, Still Life with Bible, Starry Night, and many more, to excite, inspire and educate...

Downloads: 3365

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Beautiful, exotic, 3D fish desktop aquarium screensaver
Exotic, tropical life 3D fish and coral reef.
Nice aquarium music and 3D bubbles.
Multiple Varieties of fish & sea life.
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Ocean Life Free Screensaver

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Free Bible Scenes ScreenSaver

Enjoy a sense of peacefulness as you watch these bible scenes rotate on your des...


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